Posted by: stephalicious | January 15, 2008

Looking in.

I have finally gotten round to photographing the contents of my bag, and here it is! I brought this beautiful purple patent faux leather Fiorelli bag recently in the sale. Although Fiorelli is not a brand I usually like, this bag really stood out for me. It wasn’t much like any of their other designs, and the combination of the faux snakeskin, the shiny purple colour, and the smart Mulberry type design sold it to me instantly. It has many useful pockets inside and it even fits my sketchbook or a spare pair of flats.


Now for the contents!


My make up bag is currently a little clutch purse by ZPM, Bourjois compact, Lancome lipgloss and lipsticks, YSL cover-up, Eve Lom kiss mix, hand cream and a folding nail file and buffer ( which is so useful as it doesn’t scratch everything in your bag up).


My sketchbook, for working on super secret projects! I also love black ink pens for drawing.

My keys to multiple houses, and the cutest umbrella ever.

My newly acquired red ipod nano, and my purse, it’s getting a bit old but I’m planning on making myself a new one so we’ll see.
There you go, my life laid bare.
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Outfit inspirations.

I was looking through my Google reader today and saw this post detailing the musical inspiration behind some of Susie Bubble’s outfits. This got me thinking about all the things that can inspire us to pick certain clothes and the things that make our choices more difficult.

The top things that inspire me are:

>The weather. I think this is the thing that most affects my decisions. Firstly in a practical way, peep-toe shoes are not usually the best choice in heavy rain, and secondly it affects my mood. If it’s bright sunshine the chances are I will be more experimental with my clothes and more likely to pick pretty things. If it’s cold and grey then I’ll probably opt for jeans, unless I am feeling exceptionally happy for other reasons.

>My plans for the day. If I’ll be working around the house all day then I’m likely to opt for something a little more casual with quirky touches. If I’m going out to shop or have lunch with a friend then my outfit would be more considered and probably have many more accessories.

>Films and books. So often the setting and mood of a film will inspire my clothing decisions. I love Clueless, and after watching it I’m always craving some mini skirts, satin blouses and knee high socks, and of course how could I forget the famous Azzedine Alaia red dress.

>Magazines are a big source of influence for me. I think I make a lot of unconscious choices based on what I have absorbed from fashion magazines. I very much enjoy sitting down with a pile of magazines and a coffee, and seeing what hits me most about the trends for the season. I am also a big fan of imported magazines and I think it’s crazy that American Vogue cost me £3.25 yesterday, which is actually cheaper that the UK version!

>The Internet and personal blogs. I love to browse sites with pictures of peoples outfits and I find they motivate me to think more about my own personal style. There are a lot of creative people with wonderful flair in their outfits.

I think that’s mostly it for the things that inspire me. What inspires you when faced with your wardrobe in the morning?


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They will be mine!


This picture is from the KG website.

The dangers of not being very well, and looking at shoes all day, and siting within reach of your purse.

I think they are beautiful in every way and they sort of remind me of Cher in Clueless. Does anyone think they are horrible? I also snagged free p&p! Which they are offering on all of their shoes at the mo, go take a look you know you want to.


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The shoes have it

Is it just me, or are we seeing a bit of a similarity on Vogue, in their Fashion Trends> ‘The Shoes’ from the SS08 shows. The Gucci, D&G and Balenciaga shoes look like they were cut from the same mould. I particularly like the pink Gucci ones, which is probably because I have a penchant for all things shiny. I have also seen them in black patent with pink piping, which is pretty hot too.


In fact I am loving most of the long flowing graphic dresses on this page, also by Gucci. I especially like the addition of pockets and big belts.


Photo from: I am Fashion

Posted by: stephalicious | January 10, 2008

Just one last thing

I had to post this it’s just too cute to keep to myself. I found it on Foto Decadent, apparently it’s from Vogue Korea.


Posted by: stephalicious | January 10, 2008

Floating bubbles

The main inspiration for me to start to think about a fashion blog, was this wonderful blog by Susie Bubble. I love that she has such an experimental, fun and honest style. Her posts are so frequent and interesting, that I found myself reading back through the archive, wanting to absorb as much as possible. I love the post today showing the contents of her bag and am planning on doing a similar post in the future, especially since I just brought a lovely shiny purple bag that I adore and will be proud to photograph.

Anyhow more posts tomorrow and some pictures of a recently completed dress, and belt.

Posted by: stephalicious | January 10, 2008

One small step

I am starting this blog because I want somewhere that I can put all my thoughts and ideas relating to fashion and style. I have always loved fashion, and I had a subscription to Vogue from the age of 14. I went to collage and studied Art and Design, but specialised more in accessories, making mini capes based on tree bark layers for my final project. I went to Uni to study Jewellery design, but I only stayed 3 months. It just didn’t feel right.

So for a while I lost touch with my inner fashionista, I didn’t have the money for fashion magazines or to even think about buying clothes. I got into crafts a bit more than before and I started to knit and make fabric toys to sell at craft fairs.

I don’t want to try and conquer the world of fashion, I just want to make clothes and accessories for my own pleasure. I want to stop dreaming about wearing the kind of clothes I dream about, but make them!

So this is where I am going to document my fashion fumblings and my thoughts and inspiration from the world and the fashion frontier.

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