Posted by: stephalicious | January 14, 2008

Outfit inspirations.

I was looking through my Google reader today and saw this post detailing the musical inspiration behind some of Susie Bubble’s outfits. This got me thinking about all the things that can inspire us to pick certain clothes and the things that make our choices more difficult.

The top things that inspire me are:

>The weather. I think this is the thing that most affects my decisions. Firstly in a practical way, peep-toe shoes are not usually the best choice in heavy rain, and secondly it affects my mood. If it’s bright sunshine the chances are I will be more experimental with my clothes and more likely to pick pretty things. If it’s cold and grey then I’ll probably opt for jeans, unless I am feeling exceptionally happy for other reasons.

>My plans for the day. If I’ll be working around the house all day then I’m likely to opt for something a little more casual with quirky touches. If I’m going out to shop or have lunch with a friend then my outfit would be more considered and probably have many more accessories.

>Films and books. So often the setting and mood of a film will inspire my clothing decisions. I love Clueless, and after watching it I’m always craving some mini skirts, satin blouses and knee high socks, and of course how could I forget the famous Azzedine Alaia red dress.

>Magazines are a big source of influence for me. I think I make a lot of unconscious choices based on what I have absorbed from fashion magazines. I very much enjoy sitting down with a pile of magazines and a coffee, and seeing what hits me most about the trends for the season. I am also a big fan of imported magazines and I think it’s crazy that American Vogue cost me £3.25 yesterday, which is actually cheaper that the UK version!

>The Internet and personal blogs. I love to browse sites with pictures of peoples outfits and I find they motivate me to think more about my own personal style. There are a lot of creative people with wonderful flair in their outfits.

I think that’s mostly it for the things that inspire me. What inspires you when faced with your wardrobe in the morning?



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