Posted by: stephalicious | January 10, 2008

One small step

I am starting this blog because I want somewhere that I can put all my thoughts and ideas relating to fashion and style. I have always loved fashion, and I had a subscription to Vogue from the age of 14. I went to collage and studied Art and Design, but specialised more in accessories, making mini capes based on tree bark layers for my final project. I went to Uni to study Jewellery design, but I only stayed 3 months. It just didn’t feel right.

So for a while I lost touch with my inner fashionista, I didn’t have the money for fashion magazines or to even think about buying clothes. I got into crafts a bit more than before and I started to knit and make fabric toys to sell at craft fairs.

I don’t want to try and conquer the world of fashion, I just want to make clothes and accessories for my own pleasure. I want to stop dreaming about wearing the kind of clothes I dream about, but make them!

So this is where I am going to document my fashion fumblings and my thoughts and inspiration from the world and the fashion frontier.


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